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Our Lending Policy

Each and every lender of abides all established State and Federal government rules and regulations. To learn more about lending practices, review the following information:

Truth-In-Lending Disclosure
All lenders are required to adhere strictly to the Truth in Lending Act. Committing of any loan is possible only after a lender informs the borrower about all the details of a deal, including its sum, timelines and interest rates. Truth in Lending Act (Wikipedia)

Frank-Dodd Wall Street Reform Act
Due to Frank-Dodd Wall Street Reform Act, lenders have to be fair in their landing practices. This position is defined as "fair, equitable, and nondiscriminatory access to credit for consumers". If you suspect your lender in cheating or in any other divergence with the established rules, you can lodge a complaint to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The Dodd-Frank Act (White House)

Fair Debt Collections Practices Act
During repayment, you’re protected by the above act, supervised by the Federal Trade Commission. The act is about lenders’ complying with fair debt collection practices. It includes:
• No phone calls after 9 pm or 8 am.
• No offensive language or harassing you on the phone.
• No deceptive methods to obtain money from a borrower.
• No legal actions if they are in contrary to the legislation.
We are in the highest degree interested in representing only fair and reputable lenders in our network. Please, if you have any complaints or questions, contact iCashLoans. If case your lender violates laws, prescribed in Fair Debt Collection Act, write a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FTC)

Federal and State Regulations
Federal laws is a base on which all transactions occur. In addition, payday loans are governed by the local laws of a separate state. In order not to bite the bullet, check out the regulations and rules of your state.

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