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Payday Loans in Colorado, USA

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  • Legal Status - Legal, but effectively outlawed
  • Citation - Colo. Rev. Stat. 5-3.1-101 et seq. (2018 Ballot Measure capped APR at 36%)

MIN Loan Amount N/A
MAX Loan Amount $500
Loan Term min. 6 months

Colorado (CO) General Payday Loans Information

Although some people still consider online payday loans Colorado to be predative, they still occur quite frequently across the state helping people cope with their financial troubles. Every time one needs to close the budget gap, these financial instruments appear to be sometimes the only effective solution.

Although personal loans are illegal in some of the regions across the country, people still may find some legal ways to get extra cash to the balance and maintain unexpected spending. The main benefit here is that payday loans can be regulated not only by the federal government but also state officials, which makes it simpler to access a variety of financial services that involve different types of loans that can be accessed online.

Reasons to Use Online Payday Loans Colorado

These financial instruments offer a simple and fast way to maintain your daily costs. People often face unexpected financial problems that can arise because of sickness or some personal issues. However, it does not mean you should refuse a vacation or have your house or car repaired. Of course, most types of loans come with a higher interest rate if compared to brick-to-mortar borrowing. On the other hand, they are simpler and faster to apply to take into account the following:

  • Zero paperwork – no need to sing tons of papers. All procedures can be processed online.
  • Fast application – with online availability, you can access the loan from anywhere with just several clicks.
  • Instant approval – advanced technologies made the approval process even faster. As a rule, you will learn the decision almost instantly. Only in some rare cases, a lender might require a bit more time to check the information provided but it never takes more than 24 hours to get the approval.
  • Direct Funding – after you receive the approval, all money will be instantly transferred directly to your bank account. Other forms of funding are also available. They may include prepaid cards, etc.
  • Bad Score Does Not Count – instant loans can be accessed by those with poor credit history and scores. Lenders generally rely on other data such as borrowers’ salaries, place of work, and other parameters.

Are Payday Loans in Denver Legal?

Passed in 2018, the state’s Proposition 111 contains legislative issues that were established to thoroughly curate the instant loan industry not only in Denver but also across the state. According to this proposition:

  1. Increased APR. A huge interest rate cap of 36%.
  2. Prolonged repayment period. The minimum term to pay back the debt is 6 months.

With these conditions, typical lenders will not have the slightest chance to survive if compared to states where payday loans are legal and officially approved featuring a 2-week minimum repayment and higher interest rates with at least triple digits. On the other hand, borrowers can benefit from better lending conditions without getting into the financial trap.

The Problem of High APR

The key problem with traditional instant payments is the fact they come with a huge interest rate and a shorter repayment period. Not all people are able to maintain the debt and repay promptly. The final some to give back is impossible for them to handle. They have nothing to do but to find another source of cash going from one loan to another.

In Colorado, the situation is different, as state authorities established a fixed interest rate that is twice or even three times lower if compared to the major APR level. Besides, they have prolonged the minimum repayment period reserving enough chances for the borrower to manage his or her financial situation without getting into a trap.

Colorado State Restrictions

Thanks to Proposition 111, local authorities managed to establish state restrictions to control the loan industry and defang that trap. According to the legislation, if a client cannot repay even after 6 months, he or she is allowed to perform only one rollover preventing multiple debts to maintain simultaneously.

How Much You Can Borrow

Every state has a different borrowing policy that defines the minimum and maximum sum to claim along with the level of the interest rate lenders can establish. As you already know, the situation in Colorado is different from other states where instant cash is legal.

The maximum loan amount is $500. You will not be able to borrow more than that. Besides, if you already have a running loan for $300, the second rollover will be available for not more than $200 not to exceed the $500 limit.

Another crucial fact here is that lenders’ commission is already included in that sum. In other words, if a lender wants to make $50 from a provided loan, the sum to borrow should be only $450 (as $50 can be counted as the origination fee).

Cost Of Loan in Colorado

The state law does not actually ban instant loans in Colorado. At the same time, it regulates the amount lenders can charge for the financial services they deliver. They are not supposed to establish commissions that exceed 45% of the interest rate annually.

On the other hand, we have learned that the maximum APR rate must be not higher than 36%. So, the initial law looks quite confusing. Lenders should also take into account operational fees that should never exceed 20% in case a borrower claims from $300 for the first time. As a result, we have:

  • A maximum fee of 75% involves 20% of operational fees from the first $300 and 7,5% of the rest $200.
  • Monthly maintenance fees should not be more than $30 in total.

So, if one decides to apply for a $500 loan, the overall monthly cost will be $37.50. However, state authorities restrict that fee that is not supposed to exceed $30.

Colorado Loan Term

There are no specific laws and rules that stipulate the maximum period to repay the loan. At the same time, there is a fixed minimum term that should not be shorter than 6 months. The timeframe is much longer compared to instant loans available in states where payday loans are legal. So, this fact provides more repayment flexibility to borrowers from Colorado who can benefit from an expanded repayment period to maintain their bills hassle-free.

Colorado Title Loans

A title loan in Colorado is a fast way to get extra cash in case you have an asset to use as collateral (for example, a vehicle). It is short-term financial support that can be qualified by state residents who are over 18. Once the loan has been approved, a lender turns into a lienholder of the asset you provide until you pay out all the debt. When the loan has been successfully repaid, you can get your vehicle back becoming its sole owner. The key benefit here is that a borrower can still use a car even during the repayment period. This fact makes title loans a good alternative to other types of financial services. Besides, it is available for people who have no or poor credit history.

How Colorado Title Loans Work

To get a loan, you need to ensure you have an asset that can be used as collateral. A car is an optimal variant. The major thing that makes these financial tools a great option is that a borrower does not even need to have a bank account. Additionally, the service does not suppose salary or job verification, as lenders are protected from a client’s default by the collateral.

How to Apply for a Title Loan

Just like any other type of loan, this one can be accessed and applied online, which makes it a more flexible alternative to traditional banking services. The procedure involves several important stages:

  1. Decide on the sum you want to get as a cash advance.
  2. Find a lender and fill in the online application form.
  3. Indicate the vehicle title and provide it as collateral.
  4. The specialist will evaluate the car.
  5. As a borrower, you can get from 25% to 50% of the car value depending on its conditions, build date, and other specifications.
  6. Pay out the debt as per the schedule and get your vehicle back.

The average time to repay the debt in Colorado is 30 days. However, it can be different depending on the lender’s conditions. Borrowers should be ready for enormous APRs that often go up to 300%, which makes these financial services quite close to payday cash advances.

Colorado Title Loans Laws

Title advances are regulated by state agencies and authorities that define the minimum and maximum amount to borrow. Have a look at the chart below describing all core terms and conditions.

# Status Illegal
1 Min Amount to Borrow $100
2 Max amount to borrow $500
3 Min repayment period 180 days

Requirements to Apply for a Title Loan

To get instant cash backed up by a so-called title pawn, a borrower is supposed to meet several simple requirements:

  1. You are supposed to have a possession to be used as collateral, for example, a vehicle.
  2. The car must be estimated to identify its potential value, as the final loan amount will depend on it.
  3. Additionally, lenders will ask you to submit several photos of the vehicle and documents that prove your ownership.
  4. Besides, you should prove your legal residence with a valid ID or driving license.

Some agencies can additionally require valid vehicle insurance and some other documents like working information, etc. In the majority of cases, lenders do not need information about your salary. However, you still need to be ready to submit it, as it can increase the chances for fast approval.

The Benefits of Applying for a Car Title Loan in CO

State authorities do let residents use their vehicles when applying for instant cash although payday loans have the “illegal” status. This fact brings a set of crucial advantages to Colorado-based borrowers:

  • A customer has a chance to decide whether to maintain a loan or not. In other words, you are the one to choose if you are going to repay it or not. This type of service does not come with any financial obligation. However, if you decide not to pay out the debt, a lender will keep your car, while you will no longer have any obligations or debt responsibilities.
  • A fast way to convert an old or out-of-order vehicle into cash. When you need money fast, you might probably think of selling a car. However, the process can be too time-consuming. Car title loans are a quick and hassle-free option to convert your vehicle into fast cash, although the price will be much lower.
  • Easy-to-maintain loan amounts. As seen in the table above, the loan amount is quite easy to handle without creating huge gaps in the budget. This fact makes it easy to repay and get your vehicle back in possession.
  • Loan extension opportunities. According to the state loan, borrowers can extend their credit obligations with a single rollover. It will result in a broader timeframe to pay back.
  • New borrowing opportunities. After you have successfully repaid the advance, you can apply for another amount of cash.
  • Fixed APR, fees, and interest rate. Colorado regulations provide a transparent and clear borrowing policy with fixed rates and commissions lenders are allowed to charge.

Putting all these benefits together it becomes clear that title loans were designed to help people in the need instead of taking advantage of their cash emergencies.

The Difference between Car Title and Auto Pawn Loan

People are often confused when they hear about these two types of loans considering them to be the same. Well, they are not. They introduce two separate forms of cash advance that can be utilized with the help of a vehicle as collateral.

A car title loan is available for everyone even with bad credit. The main requirement is clear vehicle ownership that is not restricted by other loans. To repay you will need to give back the sum of an installment plus the commission and interest. Lenders establish different annual APRs that can go from 300% to 500% or even more. This fact makes it hard or even impossible to maintain the cash advance. So, in most cases, people prefer leaving a car to the lender instead of paying out a huge sum back.

An auto pawn loan is a different financial instrument, as you are not able to use a car during the repayment period. Instead, the pawn lender takes the vehicle from you and keeps it in a safe area until you cover the debt. The key benefit of pawn credits is a lower interest rate and longer repayment timeframes.

How to Choose a Trusted Lender

The way you maintain your debt will mostly depend on the lender’s reliability. So, you need to make sure a chosen agency is trustworthy and reliable enough before opting for a cash advance. Additionally, interest rates and commissions can be different. It means that you are not supposed to rush to the first website you find. Instead, select several options next to you and make a list of all pros and cons to decide on the perfect match. Here are some key factors to take into account during the search

  • Lender’s reputation – with dozens of review sites, you can easily find customers’ ratings and reviews to realize if an agency is worth opting for. Besides, you can ask for recommendations from your friends or relatives.
  • Customer Support – make sure the lender provides enough information to get in touch if needed and resolve specific issues. A trusted website will never hide its physical address and phone number for instant contact.
  • Data security – modern security means have evolved offering SSL encryption to protect users’ digital information and prevent cyber threats. Look for security-specific badges, SSL certification, and other signs of responsible servicing.

Colorado Installment Loans with Bad Credit

The majority of lenders assure they provide cash to anyone in the need despite the credit score. In reality, people with poor credit do have a chance to apply, as most agencies do not rely on the information that can be generated during the credit check. They simply do not need it, as the debt will be backed by the installment or collateral.

In other words, anyone over 18 with official residence can enter the cash advance without the fear of being rejected because of bad credit. However, it does not mean 100% success guarantees. In terms of cars used as the way to secure the loan, there are some specific requirements to be met as well. The first and most important one is that the vehicle must be newer than 2000. Besides, it is supposed to be in good operating condition. Otherwise, lenders may not accept it as collateral.

When Title Loans Can Make Sense?

They work great in the form of small cash advances for those who urgently require small cash amounts. They are good for people who seek short-term credits that are easy to maintain within a short timeframe. On the one hand, one may get from 25% to 50% from the vehicle value, which makes it simple to repay. On the other hand, a borrower has a chance to prolong the repayment term in case of financial troubles.

Another great benefit is that these loans are not supposed to have a credit check, which makes them a perfect option for those with poor credit. Most lenders have their funds secured by the vehicle cost. As a rule, people apply for such types of credits whenever they need to handle unexpected budget gaps like the need to pay rent or medical services, repair costs, etc. Another thing that makes them the #1 choice is fast approval. To receive cash, people need to complete several improvement stages and receive feedback almost instantly. Additionally, there is no clearance procedure, which makes this cash advances quite easy to get.

Core benefits of Getting Online Payday Loans Colorado

Although these financial services are restricted by state officials, people still have some simple paths to apply. Of course, the amount is not as big if compared with bank credits. Nevertheless, it definitely brings some great advantages out of the box:

    Direct cash transfers from a lender with no third parties involved. It saves time and lets you use received the money right at once to cover the needs. Quick approval procedure that does not involve clearance or credit checks. It ensures application flexibility and fast decisions that can be vital for borrowers who are in the need. Bad credit is not a problem. Anyone with a vehicle can apply in case of meeting specific requirements like the car is not older than 2000. Lenders have their funds backed by the car value and do not need any info about salary as well. Simple access to cash advance services thanks to online availability. It is a fast to apply from anywhere or even using a smartphone.

You should not expect this loan to be the tool for rebuilding the credit score, as it is unlikely to be indicated on the official record. On the other hand, it is a quick and secure way to get cash avoiding paperwork and weeks or even months waiting for approval.

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